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Carbohydrates are not created equal

Watch out! Sometimes you don't get what you expect!


We want to protect you from the many false statements!
That's why we look for the right products for you.

All of our products are labeled as follows:

Here we show you how many Carbohydrates from the
Sugar alcohols really from the body be used:

Erythritol 0%
sucralose 0%
isomalt 50%
glycerin XNUMX% 100%
Lactitol 60%
maltitol 60%
sorbitol 60%
xylitol 60%
Isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO) 50%

We use these values ​​for our calculation of the net carbohydrates.

You can find the detailed text here .


Is your health to you
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Already by one simple adjustment of your eating habits can you ...

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= Ketogenic diet

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