KetoUp toast

Our bestseller with only

2,5 carbohydrates per 100g

KetoUp toast

Our bestseller with

only 2,5g of carbohydrates

pro 100g

Keto doesn't work -
if you don't have the right instructions.
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KetoUp baked goods

Carbohydrate reduced


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KetoUp baked goods

Carbohydrate reduced


with full taste

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Minimum of carbohydrates.

Maximum taste.


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Always and everywhere.

Olive oil

For your

Ketone body boost.

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Success stories from our customers

The reason why we at KetoUp get up every morning

Sabrina Nink

36 years old, married and the mother of 3 children

I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. In recent years it has gotten so out of hand that I 2019 238 kg have weighed. I then decided to have bariatric surgery. Unfortunately this was not possible due to my gastrochisis scarring and I fell into a deep hole.


In June 2020 I found myself again and started with low carb. In July 2020 I discovered the ketogenic diet and learned to love it. From then on, the pounds just tumbled and I started enjoying exercise again. Since my family does not have a ketogenic diet, I usually cook in a way that "suits" everyone, but also often two things.


Many friends and also my family were initially skeptical about how to lose weight with "fat", but were also very astonished that it worked for me. To date (September 2021) I have lost 95kg. My next goal is to cut myself in half.


treated an aggressive form of cancer with the ketogenic diet.

I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer 3 years ago. I underwent the standardized therapies (radiation and chemotherapy), but it passed little hope that I would have more than 12 months to live. The cancer therapies were only palliativeI was told in the hospital.

I researched online and found information on cancer patients who had switched to the ketogenic diet and benefited greatly from it. I was already familiar with this diet. I had already been ketogenic for some time 10 years ago and had good experiences with it (no more digestive problems, weight loss, more performance in my studies and sports and a better mood ...)
So I switched back to a very strict ketogenic diet. Every day I test several times with a breath ketone meter whether I am still in ketosis.

And I'm sure you are already concluding, I am still alive. I feel fit and healthy and, most of all, I am grateful. In my opinion, the KetoUp products are the best (taste) ketogenic products on the admittedly very small market. I bake my own bread, but whenever I can afford it, I order it from KetoUp because the taste is unbeatable. All the things that I am no longer allowed to eat, because I am not allowed to cheat days, because of you I can enjoy them again and again. I thank you for that! Please keep it up!

Thomas Blechinger

has lost 55 kg with keto and has been ketogenic for 2,5 years.

When I decided - immediately - to reduce carbohydrates in April 2018 after a night plagued by colic gastritis, I did not yet know where this journey would lead me.

Today - three years later, I have completely changed my life - from the couch potato, who is on the road a lot for work and therefore quickly eats something at fast food shops and then lazily on the couch at the weekend, I am 55kg lighter today, have my Clothing size reduced by 4 sizes, am active in the GYM several times a week and feel better than ever - and that at almost 50 years of age.

Started with LCHP - then switched to the ketogenic diet via the BulletProof coffee and Living purely ketogenic for 2,5 years. Your cakes, your snacks and the baked goods are an absolute dream. I am an absolute "sweet tooth" and without your products my cravings would not be satisfied. Otherwise, with consistency and a little planning, it is very easy to live ketogenic in everyday life. In between, an interval of fasting and cheat days are part of a healthy life. My absolute recommendation for everyone - now - not later!

Basak Kanat

has lost 72kg on the ketogenic diet.

I've always been overweight, sometimes 5 kg less and 20 kg more. I was at a point in one day where I weighed 130kg. My diet was as follows: carbohydrates, sugar, and a little fat and protein. I had to think about whether I would go on and get illnesses sooner, just be at home, without movement and not pursue any goals, or whether I would turn completely 180 degrees. I've done a thousand diets that helped me zero.


One day I looked at the ketogenic diet on a website and immediately implemented it. The beginning was difficult, but anyone can do it. There just has to be the will. In the ketogenic diet, I had problems shopping because there was nowhere to buy if I was hungry for a cake or bread for breakfast.


That's when I came across the KetoUp site and I'm so glad I found it. Because thanks to you I have satisfied my cravings and can sometimes sin with your products and I don't even gain weight! I recommend everyone to give it a try. Even my friends who don't eat ketogenic at all are enthusiastic about your products. I have now lost 72kg myself just on the ketogenic diet and I am as alive as never before. Thank you dear KetoUp team!  

Isabella C.

has lost 10 kg.

The products simply taste great! I have already lost 10 kg and it's just fun. I am very happy with KetoUp. Very fast delivery.

Mara Ebel

23 years old, improved your complexion and fitness level with keto

Keto after 3 months
I deal a lot with nutrition and fitness. But I lacked energy, better skin and balance several times. That's when I got to know Keto through “KetoUp”. After a week I noticed significant improvements in endurance, my skin became much cleaner and my mood swings decreased.


I still eat ketogenic to this day and thanks to the large selection here on the website, a varied diet is definitely possible! I order here every two weeks and I am 100% convinced of the products!

Siegl Elke

has also lost 10kg in three months.

I have decided not to eat any more carbohydrates due to constant stomach pains. In three months I'll have like that lost 10 kilos on the side. Thanks to KetoUp, there is also bread and muesli for breakfast. And I feel really good.

Doro Kassner

34 years, from Trittau

Keto works! I'm very grateful. I lost 7 kilos within 32 months and have been keeping my dream weight for about 1 year.

Carbohydrates are not created equal

Watch out! Sometimes you don't get what you expect!

We want to protect you from the many false statements!
That's why we look for the right products for you.

All of our products are labeled as follows:

Here we show you how many Carbohydrates from the
Sugar alcohols really from the body be used:







glycerin XNUMX%











saccaride (IMO)


We use these values ​​for our calculation of the net carbohydrates.

You can find the detailed text here..

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This is what our customers say about us:

The story behind KetoUp ...

This is what our customers say about us:

The story behind KetoUp ...