BreadUp caraway gluten-free 350 g convinces across the board: With the best ingredients, ideal nutritional values ​​for your ketogenic lifestyle and fantastic taste. Thanks to its high-quality packaging, it has a long shelf life and is also absolutely gluten-free. That's what we call: gluten-free. Enjoyable. Great. We look forward to your feedback!


BreadUp caraway gluten-free 350g (€ 1,71 / 100g)

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 BreadUp caraway gluten-free 350 g

May we introduce: your new favorite bread

With a sweet, hot note of caraway for your best enjoyment

Are you looking for exceptionally high-quality and delicious bread? We have it for you. It's called: BreadUp caraway gluten-free and has what it takes to become your new favorite bread. Thanks to the highest quality ingredients and unique composition, this bread impresses across the board. The sweet and pungent note of caraway gives the bread a uniquely delicious taste that you are sure to love.


No added sugar, gluten-free and can be kept for at least 30 days

This bread is made for you & convinces all along the line

With this bread, all people with gluten intolerance get their full enjoyment costs. We have developed a bread for you that is convincing both in terms of its composition and its taste. And it's also completely gluten-free. In addition, BreadUp is perfect for you, because thanks to its high-quality packaging, it can be kept unopened for at least 30 days. Whether for direct consumption or as a safeguard against food cravings: BreadUp caraway gluten-free always tastes good and never lets you down.


Gluten free. Enjoyable. Great.

Enjoy as much as you want - without a guilty conscience. Thanks to 17 times fewer carbohydrates

Around 17 times less carbohydrates compared to conventional baked goods. Products are a real argument in favor of our BreadUp. In numbers, that's just 3,6% carbohydrates and therefore ideal nutritional values ​​for your ketogenic diet. Thanks to this great composition, you can enjoy delicious bread to your heart's content and you don't have to feel guilty about it. That's what we really call: gluten-free. Enjoyable. Great.


Designation: Protein bread.

Note on KetoUp: KetoUp means that the products are suitable for the ketogenic diet.

Shelf life: Unopened shelf life for at least 30 days after purchase. Shelf life may vary depending on the batch. The shelf life is between 30 and 80 days.

Storage: Store dry and protect from heat. 

Grocer: KetoUp GmbH, Eyßelheideweg 12a, 38518 Gifhorn.

Country of origin: Germany

Ingredients & ingredients

Ingredients: Curd cheese*, Water, flax flour *, soy flour*, Sunflower seed flour *, sunflower oil *, pumpkin seed flour *, linseed *, sunflower seeds *, sesame seeds*, 2% caraway seeds *, yeast *, apple cider vinegar *, crystal natural salt.

allergène: Milk, sesame, soy.

*) Ingredient comes from certified organic cultivation

Nutritional information: All nutritional values ​​are per 100 g 
kilojoules 1205 kJ
Calories 288 kcal
Fat 16,7 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 2,0 g
Carbohydrates 3,6 g
of which sugars 1,6 g
protein 25,5 g
salt 1,2 g



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