EasyUp soothes the emotions and calms the mind without feeling tired. Thanks to gentle production, it has 2% CBD and 11 other valuable active ingredients - unique!
EasyUp is therefore not a conventional CBD oil - it is EasyUp!

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EasyUp - for chilling up

Relaxation without compromise - with 2% CBD

Our EasyUp CBD oil uses the full power of plants and guarantees you relaxing hours. The special feature of EasyUp: The oil is obtained with the help of a gentle extraction in the low-pressure process, so that important ingredients such as B. CBG (phytocannabinoids) are preserved. These substances are often filtered out with conventional oils. With a share of 2% CBD and many other healthy ingredients, your cardiovascular system is supported and the immune system is strengthened.
EasyUp is the perfect relaxation oil for soothing serenity without feeling tired. Our high-quality oil soothes the emotions and thus calms your thoughts and lets you forget your stress - this is what full relaxation without fatigue looks like.

EasyUp is a certified Full spectrum oil with 2,09% CBD. Thanks to the holistic composition of various cannabinoids and terpenes, EasyUp achieves an optimal effect on your body and organism.

More relaxed through everyday life with EasyUp

Another stressful day is drawing to a close and you are looking forward to your bed. Once there, you realize that you are still busy with the day's experiences and that you are unconsciously already planning your next working day. We all know this carousel of thought - and before you know it, the beloved alarm clock rings. A restful night is usually out of the question here.

Thanks to the naturally relaxing effect of EasyUp, you can easily forget stressful everyday situations and stay relaxed. So nothing can disturb you anymore and you can enjoy the well-deserved rest breaks to the fullest, without being tired and you will soon be ready again to take on the new challenges with great energy and full of zest for action.

Another nice side effect: with EasyUp, stress-related frustration is a thing of the past. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to upchill?

What makes EasyUp from KetoUp so special?

The filter processes in the production of CBD oils are often very intensive. Due to the filigree composition of the plants, the filter process is crucial in the manufacture of the product - special care is required here.
Most conventional CBD oils try to increase the CBD content of the product by all means, which happens at the expense of the quality and the active ingredients. Some CBD oils even have a CBD content of 5%. up to 20%.
By artificially increasing the CBD content, however, the exact opposite of the desired effect is achieved. The valuable additional nutrients and active ingredients are removed from the product and the effect of the oil is significantly weakened

It is completely different with our "EasyUp". This oil relies on its high quality composition and its very special structure. In this way, the full plant power is retained. As part of the gentle manufacturing process, the selected ingredients and special active ingredients are not destroyed. In addition to 2,09% CBD, EasyUp also has 11 other valuable active ingredients and is therefore the unique relaxation oil with special effectiveness - so is EasyUp unique in its quality and in its effect!

Recommended dosage:

Due to the mild taste, our CBD oil is ideal for daily use. We recommend you a maximum of 3x 10 drops a day to be taken so that the effect of EasyUp can develop optimally.

The optimal storage

  • store in a cool, dry and dark place

  • Keep out of the reach of children and adolescents

Ingredients & ingredients

Produced for: KetoUp, Life Foodstuff GmbH, Gifhorner Str. 13, 29392 Wesendorf

Nahrungsergänzungsmittel: MCT oil with hemp extract

Ingredients: Medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil (MCT oil), natural hemp extract

Nutritional Values per 10 ml
CBD 209 mg
0,36 mg
7,23 mg
<0,25 mg
<0,25 mg
5,9 mg
36,2 mg
0,54 mg
30 mg
CBC 78,8 mg
THCV 1,8 mg
CBDVA <0,005 mg

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