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FeelingOK protein cocoa cream

Start the day with chocolate.

Is a chocolate spread a part of a good breakfast for you? Then this can be ideally integrated into your ketogenic diet. The velvety soft protein cocoa cream from FeelingOK impresses with its keto-friendly nutrient profile. The Feeling OK Protein cocoa cream gets its sweetness from the erythritol it contains. This saves you a lot of carbohydrates compared to a conventional chocolate spread.

The full-bodied taste of this protein cocoa cream is rounded off by hazelnuts. Because of their high fat content, hazelnuts are ideal for a ketogenic diet.

Enjoy instead of doing without!

Sunday morning, the kitchen smells like warm rolls. Everyone knows what would melt together perfectly on those warm buns - exactly, a chocolate spread. But is that possible in the ketogenic diet? Our answer is a resounding YES!

With the FeelingOK Protein Cocoa Cream you can mindlessly satisfy your cravings for a sweet breakfast spread. This delicious spread contains just 100g net carbohydrates per 2g. With this nutrient profile, the supposed sin becomes carefree enjoyment.

With its naturally delicious taste, it goes perfectly with bread and rolls, on your toast or as a topping for waffles and croissants.

Delicious with the ketogenic diet.

A traditional chocolate spread is very difficult to incorporate into your ketogenic diet without endangering the state of ketosis. The protein cocoa cream from FeelingOK can convince without the addition of sugar with full taste and thus fits into your ketogenic diet. Compared to the well-known conventional chocolate spread with about 60g of carbohydrates per 100g, this low-carbohydrate alternative can take away your desire for something sweet in the diet. And it gets by with less than a third of the carbohydrates compared to conventional spreads.

It is free from palm oil and also a great alternative in the morning for vegans.

Country of origin: Italian

Food manufacturer: FOODITALIA srl, Viale Stefano Tinozzi 17, 65024 Manoppello Scalo, Italy

Note for allergy sufferers: Product contains hazelnuts and dairy products including lactose. May contain traces of other nuts and peanuts.

Ingredients & ingredients

Ingredients: wheyproteins (MILK), Pea proteins, oatsprotein, cocoa (12%), rice protein, sweeteners: erythritol, cocoa fibers, extra virgin olive oil, hazelnuts, Sunflower oil, emulsifiers: sunflower lecithin

Nutritional information: All nutritional values ​​are per 100g
kilojoules 2046 kj
Calories 489 kcal
Fat 29,5 g of
hereof: saturated fatty acids 14 g of
Carbohydrates 15 g of
of which sugars 1 g of
of which polyhydric alcohols 13 g of
of which are net carbohydrates 2 g of
Fibres 10 g of
protein 28 g of
salt 0,10 g of

You can find the values ​​of the calculation for the usable carbohydrates here.

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