KETOSCAN mini piece (€159,95/piece) for the keto diet and ketogenic nutrition
KETOSCAN mini piece (€159,95/piece) for the keto diet and ketogenic nutrition
KETOSCAN mini piece (€159,95/piece) for the keto diet and ketogenic nutrition
KETOSCAN mini piece (€159,95/piece) for the keto diet and ketogenic nutrition
KETOSCAN mini piece (€159,95/piece) for the keto diet and ketogenic nutrition
KETOSCAN mini piece (€159,95/piece) for the keto diet and ketogenic nutrition


159,95 €
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Your reliable companion for the keto diet

The pocket-sized ketosis test

With the KETOSCAN mini you can check at any time whether you are still in ketosis. Thanks to the highly sensitive acetone sensor, the device reliably measures the ketone concentration - based on your breath! This means that the prick falls off the finger. For a successful measurement you only have to blow into the device for 3 seconds.

Always keep an eye on the acetone level thanks to the mobile app

With the ketogenic diet, it is not always easy to keep track of things. If you don't feel like meticulously keeping a food diary and counting every calorie, the KETOSCAN mini is ideal for you. Thanks to the free app for Android and iOS, you can not only monitor your acetone level, but also your weight daily, weekly and monthly. The user-friendly app for your smartphone not only gives you a data-based insight into your body, but you can also document your day with the help of photos and comments.

The ideal helper for planning your nutritional program

The KETOSCAN mini records important data that will help you to create a sustainably effective nutrition and fitness program. You can not only determine your optimal state of ketosis, but also your body fat burn rate - very easily and in a few minutes.

Your features at a glance

For a trustworthy result and thus a reliable reference point for the prevailing state of ketosis, it is essential to ensure that the breath analyzer has a high-precision sensor technology when measuring. The decisive factor is that only the acetone value is recorded and other gases are ignored. To ensure this, the KETOSCAN mini is designed so that its sensor is 10 times more sensitive to ethanol and 50 times more sensitive to hydrogen generated in the intestine than other sensors. By neglecting other gases that could falsify the result, it guarantees a precise result.

In addition, the KETOSCAN mini impresses with its sustainable and long-term use. To ensure this, it is equipped with an automatic self-diagnosis function.

Easy handling

The handling of the KETOSCAN mini is as simple as it is fast. In order to be able to measure the acetone value successfully, you only have to blow into the device for a few seconds and you will receive your evaluation.
Please note, however, that you should not smoke, eat or drink or brush your teeth in the 30 minutes before the measurement. 

You can also view and compare your results at any time using the associated free app, and document them over time for better tracking of the development. Connect your smartphone to the KETOSCAN mini via Bluetooth and you can access your data anytime, anywhere. 

Metabolic change made?

Would you like to find out whether you are already in the revolutionary fat metabolism? Measuring the ketone concentration in blood, urine and breath helps you determine whether the metabolic change has been successfully achieved.

The ketone measurement via the urine is the simplest and cheapest method and therefore particularly suitable for beginners. However, the results are less accurate than those of the alternative measurement methods and with increasing keto adaptation, hardly any acetone can be detected in the urine despite the fact that one is in a state of ketosis. Ideally, the measurement should be taken in the morning when you first go to the toilet using what are known as keto sticks. The cost of this measurement method is around eight to twelve euros per 50 keto sticks.

Another way of measuring is the blood test. Here, too, the measurement should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Since beta-hydroxybutyrate, another biochemical ketone body substance, is measured in addition to the acetone value, this measurement is much more precise than the urine measurement. With a prick of the fingertip, it's done. A blood measuring device and the corresponding test strips are required for the blood test. The cost is around 40 euros for the device and 1.40 euros per measurement for the test strips. People who follow a ketogenic diet due to an illness are particularly advised to use this type of measurement, as they can receive direct feedback on the composition of an individual meal. 

The last, most sustainable way to determine whether your own body has reached the state of ketosis is to measure the air you breathe, as with the KETOSCAN mini. Breath analyzers such as the KETOSCAN mini measure the concentration of acetone in the breath and can use this to assess the state of ketosis. The measurement is quick and easy by blowing into the device and the evaluation can be displayed promptly on the device or in the app. This also represents a clear advantage of this measurement method compared to the other methods, as the evaluation or documentation via the smartphone is a very simple but very effective way of monitoring the development of the ketone level over a long period of time and documenting changes using personal notes . Monthly, weekly and annual trends can be called up and viewed at any time.

The reaction to different foods can also be ideally tested with this device, as it can be used at any time if the application guidelines are observed. The costs of this method are manageable despite the higher but one-time purchase price. 

There are no follow-up costs for the purchase of test strips or urine strips, only the calibration of the sensor usually after 12 months has to be taken into account. The manufacturer bears the costs for the first calibration. For the calibration of the sensor, contact and service are provided directly by the manufacturer. The KETOSCAN mini is also guaranteed for one year.

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