I am completely satisfied with the product. No strange aftertaste or aftertaste. Perfect! And then in such a pretty bottle. Will definitely be bought later. - by Angela Böhme

MCT oil 500ml (3,40 € / 100ml)

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Our MCT oil - obtained from coconut oil with a perfect C8-C10 combination

MCT oil is quickly metabolized and can therefore support your ketosis quickly and effectively without additional effort

To answer why you should rely on the power of MCT oil as an absolute keto essential, we first have to clarify: "What is MCT oil?" MCT is the abbreviation for "Medium-Chain Triglycerides". Translated, this means that they are fats with medium-chain fatty acids. In nature, only fats that are medium and long-chain occur. For the ketogenic diet, however, we especially need the medium-chain fatty acids. In order to obtain only the pure medium-chain fatty acids, these are extracted and the MCT oil is produced.

And why is the MCT oil so important for your ketogenic diet? Due to its special composition of only medium-chain fatty acids, MCT oil can be metabolized particularly well. This means that MCT oil does not have to be digested and transported through the lymphatic system. It can get directly through your blood into your liver, where it is responsible for the production of ketone bodies. Since ketone bodies are the high-performance batteries that make your ketogenic diet so powerful, MCT oil can be a perfect support for your ketogenic metabolism.

Our MCT oil contains the perfect composition of 70% C8 and 30% C10 fatty acids and impresses with the finest design

Our MCT oil is made from coconut oil. Our MCT oil has the best basis compared to many other MCT oils. Palm oil or mixed animal-vegetable compounds are often used. Of course, this is nowhere near as high quality. The composition itself is also special with our MCT oil. Our MCT oil consists of about 70% caprylic acid and about 30% capric acid. These two medium-chain fatty acids are abbreviated as C8 and C10.

They are the best fatty acids that MCT oil can contain. Caprylic acid (C8) in particular is proven to be the best fatty acid for the ketogenic diet. The combination of C8 and C10 is unbeatable and unfolds its perfect effect. In addition, our MCT oil comes to your home in a sustainable glass bottle with the highest quality finishing. It not only impresses with its outstanding content, but also with a unique look that is unparalleled in vain. Thanks to the extraction of coconut oil, our MCT oil is vegan and gluten-free. Unfortunately, this is also not a matter of course on the MCT oil market. This is a complete package that you should rely on, because our MCT oil is convincing all along the line and is therefore your perfect choice.

Our customers rate the MCT oil with 4.94 / 5.00 because it is "easily tolerated" & "has no aftertaste" - so it is perfect for you

The possible uses are diverse. A huge advantage of our MCT oil is that it is completely tasteless and odorless. This is also confirmed by the many 5-star ratings on our MCT oil. For example, the rating of our satisfied customer JE: “Tasteless oil for the energy kick. As soon as I unpacked it, I was impressed by the elegant design of the bottle. So far I have only used the oil in my Bulletproof Coffee and quickly found that the taste is neutral and that I tolerate the oil wonderfully, in contrast to previously tested brands. ”And our enthusiastic customer Carmen is very satisfied with our MCT oil: "Great oil. Great product! Repeatedly baptized. The dosing attachment is perfect, especially when you want to measure out exact quantities.

And the oil itself is tasteless, great to have with your coffee in the morning!
Always happy!".

Imagine coming into the kitchen in the late afternoon. You decide to prepare the most delicious salad to strengthen yourself. You wash the lettuce leaves and put them in a bowl. The basis has already been created. Now there has to be life in the salad. You cut up tomatoes and add them. Cucumber and a little onion add a slightly sour and spicy note. You cut half an avocado into slices and add a little salt for the real kick. Now a little more delicious Parma ham cut into small pieces and a little cheese on top. Your salad creation is almost perfect. In addition to a light dressing, your perfect salad is rounded off with two tablespoons of MCT oil. This gives your salad the real keto boost.

That's how easy it can be. Adding the MCT oil takes less than 5 seconds and can be really crucial for your ketosis. So go for the number 1 keto essential: Our MCT oil!



Since we recently had to adjust the labeling of the MCT oil, we are using a sticker on the front label. As compensation, there is therefore a € 1,00 discount for a limited time. However, only while stocks last!

Sales name: Medium-chain triglycerides from hydrolyzed coconut oil (with up to 70% caprylic acid and 30% capric acid) // Medium-chain triglycerides from hydrolyzed coconut oil (with up to 70% caprylic acid and 30% capric acid).

Dosage & consumption recommendation:

Start with one teaspoon a day at the beginning and increase the amount up to two tablespoons per day within a few days. Avoid excessive heating above 120 ° C. // Start with one teaspoon a day at the beginning and increase the amount within a few days up to two tablespoons per day. Avoid excessive heating above 120 ° C.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. // Store in a cool, dry place

Note on KetoUp: KetoUp means that the products are suitable for the ketogenic diet.

Country of origin: Made in Germany // Made in Germany. Coconut oil from non-EU countries // Coconut oil from non-EU countries.

Grocer: KetoUp GmbH, Eyßelheideweg 12a, 38518 Gifhorn

Ingredients & ingredients

Ingredients: Medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil (up to 70% caprylic acid and 30%
Capric acid)

Nutritional information: All nutritional values ​​are per 100 ml 
kilojoules 3367 kj
Calories 819 kcal
Fat 91 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 91 g
simple medium chain fatty acids 91 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
of which sugars 0 g
Fibres 0 g
0 g
salt 0 g



Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great oil

Super neutral!

Simone Putzmann
Highly recommended

Tasteless and highly recommended for a ketogenic diet.
Price-performance ratio very good 👍🏻

Iwona Bogdal
Mct oil

Hardly tastes good and will order it again. Great thank you:)

Gülbeyaz Budak
Mct oil

Unflavoured, great for keto beginners


Hardly tastes good and will order it again