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  • gluten free

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  • lactose free

  • without
    Added sugar

  • soyfree

  • vegan

KetoUp MCT oil

A real energy supplier

High quality

Our KetoUp MCT oil is a 100% high-quality extract from the best coconut oil, in guaranteed German premium quality. It is made up of 70% of the medium-chain triglycerides caprylic and 30% of capric acid. It's free from artificial additives, gluten-free, lactose-free, 100% pure and 100% vegan. For the sake of the environment, the MCT oil comes in a darkened 500ml glass.

The KetoUp MCT oil has a lot to offer

MCT oil has many different functions. You will get into ketosis much faster and you will be supplied with many healthy fats, especially from the medium-chain fatty acids C8 and C10. In addition, MCT oil is well suited for weight loss and for concentration in everyday life.

Simply a perfect energy booster!

Caprylic acid & capric acid are promptly metabolized by the liver into ketone bodies and are therefore immediately available as an energy supplier! So, this is the best energy supplier for IMMEDIATE KETO ENERGY and to really push your ketosis!

The oil is a real all-rounder

Since our KetoUp MCT oil is completely odorless and tasteless, you can incorporate it in all kinds of dishes and drinks. There is no easier way to upgrade your food! Since the Bulletproof Coffee hype at the latest, the miracle oil has deservedly moved into the limelight here in Germany. It is also ideal for salads, smoothies, muesli and marinades.

Perfect for a bulletproof coffee

Would you like to make Bulletproof Coffee, but don't know how? You only need a few ingredients, namely good freshly brewed coffee, butter or almond butter, KetoUp MCT oil and, for that certain something, the lean: life Flavor Drops. Simply put everything in the mixer and your delicious Bulletproof Coffee is ready!

Dosage & consumption recommendation:

At the beginning 1 teaspoon / day & increase the amount to 2 tbsp within a few days.

Do not heat above 120 °!

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

Country of origin: Germany

Grocer: Life Foodstuff GmbH, Gifhorner Str. 13, 29392 Wesendorf

Ingredients & ingredients

Ingredients: Medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil (up to 70% caprylic acid and 30%
Capric acid)

Nutritional information: All nutritional values ​​are per 100 ml
kilojoules 3367 kj
Calories 819 kcal
Fat 91 g of
hereof: saturated fatty acids 91 g of
simple medium chain fatty acids 91 g of
Carbohydrates 0 g of
of which sugars 0 g of
Fibres 0 g of
0 g of
salt 0 g of

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Super oil
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