Lean:Life Flavor Drops Marzipan 30ml (€23,30/100g) for the keto diet and ketogenic nutrition

Lean:Life Flavor Drops Marzipan 30ml

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Lean: Life Flavor Drops Marzipan

All-rounder for every taste

The delicious taste drops from Lean: Life are very versatile. You can dose them individually and use them to sweeten food and drinks. They offer you the opportunity to give your meals that certain something. In addition, the bottles are very handy and can therefore be easily stowed in any work bag. Your diet helper to go. The figure-friendly all-rounder supports you in the fight against food cravings and enchants boring monotonous dishes in the twinkling of an eye into varied enjoyment. Everyone is guaranteed to find something among the different flavors. Christmas flavors can be complemented well with classics such as chocolate or vanilla, individualists such as cheesecake or fruit bombs à la blueberry, raspberry or lemon.

Marzipan, always and everywhere - but without tons of carbohydrates

Opinions are divided about this taste. Some hate it, others love it - marzipan. And for all lovers, the Advent season is a festival. There is marzipan on every corner. If only it weren't for the high proportion of carbohydrates ... Lean: Life can provide a remedy here. Marzipan flavor without calories. As an additive for desserts, pastries or drinks. And not only at home, but also problem-free at work, with friends or the in-laws. Not only at Christmas, but also at any other time of the year. The small bottles are easily stowed away and their contents are extremely variable and can be used individually. It's high time to get this classic Christmas flavor!

Diet-compliant through the Advent season

Sticking to a diet during Advent requires a lot of discipline - and the right tricks up your sleeve! Every second street corner smells wonderfully typical of the season delicacies that make your mouth water. It is quicker to take two kilograms than to lose weight. With the Lean: Life flavor drops of the Christmas edition, you can enjoy various Christmas flavors and thus prevent you from giving up delicious food in favor of your ketogenic diet. And the best thing is that you can vary the sweetness and intensity with the almost low-calorie Flavor Drops according to your personal preferences. From now on, enjoyment is on the daily program, because losing weight tastes so delicious!

Your advantages

· Keto-friendly
· gluten free
· soy-free
· wheat free
· vegetarian
· vegan
· lactose-free

Information & Notes

Sales designation: Preparation of flavor and sweetener

Country of origin: Germany

Grocery store: lean:life GmbH, Eggertstr. 3, 33100 Paderborn.


Ingredients: aroma (marzipan taste), sweetener sucralose.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information: All nutritional values ​​are per 30ml

kilojoules 3 kj
Calories 1 kcal
Fett 0 g
of which saturated fats 0 g
Carbohydrates < 0,5g
of which sugar 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salz 0,13 g

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Lean:Life Flavor Drops Marzipan 30ml

4,99 € 6,99 €
16,63 €   100 ml

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