Oh mega macadamia butter 35g (€ 5,69 / 100g)


Oh mega macadamia butter 35g (€ 5,69 / 100g)

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Oh mega macadamia butter

100% natural.

OhMega Macadamia Butter is made from roasted, crushed macadamia nuts - and nothing else. This delicious macadamia butter is free from added sugar, sweeteners, salt or oil. The 100% natural spread is ideal for toast, smoothies, fruit and as a topping for your next muesli. Nothing speaks against the pure enjoyment of the naturally sweet spread. If you want to give your dishes a special touch with a completely natural topping, the macadamia butter from OhMega should definitely not be missing on your next purchase. Versatile and incredibly delicious, this nut butter will surely need replenishment quickly!

With power through the day!

Nut butter is an easy way to easily incorporate healthy fats into your diet. With a whole 76g fat on 100g macadamia butter, this delicious spread provides you with lots of high-quality fats. So you can start the day full of energy and power. The unique, mild and high-fat spread should not be missing on your breakfast table in the future! But you can not only integrate macadamia butter into your diet ideally for breakfast. It is also ideal as a keto or low carb snack in between. With this, you can secure an extra portion of energy and the ability to concentrate on long days thanks to the healthy fats. Perfect between long meetings, on longer journeys or during learning phases.

Enjoyment to go!

The OhMega Macadamia Butter is an absolute highlight for every lover of the delicious macadamia nuts. Their mild, incredibly delicious taste ensures a feeling of happiness in the morning, refines many dishes throughout the day and is also great for snacking in the evening. The small to go version of the popular nut butter is ideal for on the go. Quickly stowed in the bag, it can stand by you as a savior in an emergency when you run out of energy on long days. Or you just feel like something really delicious. This delicious snack is perfect for all lovers, or those who want to become one.

Country of origin: South Africa

Grocer: Credé Oils (Pty) Ltd, 8 Henry Vos Close, ASLA Park, N2 Strand 7140, South Africa 

Ingredients & ingredients

Ingredients: MacadamiaNusse

May contain traces of other nuts and peanuts.

Nutritional information: Pro 100g  Per serving (32g)
kilojoules 3006 kj 962 kj
Calories  718 kcal 230 kcal
Fat 76,1 g 24,4 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 11,9 g 3,8 g
Carbohydrates 5,4 g 1,7 g
of which sugars 4,1 g 1,3 g
Fibres 8,0 g 2,6 g
protein 7,8 g 2,5 g
salt 4 mg 1 mg

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