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Slendier konjac vermicelli

Excellent pasta substitute

With the Slendier konjac vermicelli you can replace your conventional pasta. Compared to normal noodles, they are not made from wheat, but from konjac flour, which makes them suitable for a low-carbohydrate diet.

Konjac root

Slendier konjac vermicelli is made from a root vegetable called konjac (glucomannan) that has been consumed in Asian countries for centuries and is very popular there as part of a low-calorie diet.

Enjoyment without regrets

You can enjoy these vegan noodles without a guilty conscience, because they contain no carbohydrates. But they contain a lot of vegetable fiber, which aids your digestion. You won't find sugar, gluten or artificial flavors in konjac vermicelli.

This is how diet is fun

Because these noodles are already pre-cooked, they can be prepared in a flash. These slim noodles go perfectly with napoli, pesto and primaa sauces. Because they do not contain carbohydrates, they are also perfect for a ketogenic-friendly diet.

Storage: Please store dry and protected from heat. After opening, store in a closed container in the refrigerator and use within 3 days. Do not freeze!

Country of origin: China

Grocer: Konjac Europe Pty Ltd, Zoetermeer Central Station Luis Braillelaan 80, Zoetermeer, 2719 EK, The Netherlands

Notice: When the packaging is opened, the product smells slightly like fish. This is normal and does not represent a quality defect. Rinsing under clear water removes the smell and does not appear in the dish.

Notice: Consumers who have difficulty swallowing or who have insufficient fluid intake may pose a risk of suffocation.


Ingredients & ingredients

Ingredients: Pure water, konjac flour (5%)

Nutritional information: per 100 g per serving (125 g)
kilojoules 40 kj 50 kj
Calories 10 kcal 12 kcal
Fat <1,0 g <1,0 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids <1,0 g <1,0 g
Carbohydrates <1,0 g <1,0 g
of which sugars <1,0 g <1,0 g
Fiber 5,0 g 6,3 g
protein <1,0 g <1,0 g
salt <5 mg <5 mg

Customer Reviews

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Tastes very good as an Asian dish