At the beginning I was concerned that the coffee tasted too much like oil or the like, or that it would hit my stomach in the early morning, but nothing there ... it tastes great ... I can only recommend it! - from Mara

Wakeup 150g (€ 5,33 / 100g)

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  • optional: gluten-free

  • suitable for keto

  • carbohydrate-

  • without
    Added sugar

  • soyfree

  • vegetarian

*Reduced carbohydrate means that this product contains at least 30% less carbohydrates compared to conventional comparable products.

WakeUp 150g 

Your start to the day

Coffee, one of, if not the world's favorite hot beverage. Out of bed, into your slippers and into the kitchen to turn on the coffee maker - this is a typical morning in many households. For many it is the fuel to start the day and an integral part of the morning routine. For others, the first way in the office is the coffee kitchen and before the emails are checked, you get your first cup of coffee. Those who now correspond to the German average will have another cup of coffee, usually in the afternoon. If the afternoon low sets in between lunch break and after work, the focus is on the concentration-promoting effect of the popular hot drink.

Pure enjoyment

But coffee is not only very popular because of its concentration and attention-promoting effect. For many, the smell of freshly brewed coffee triggers a pleasant feeling. The word “coffee break” is associated with positive feelings by many. But coffee has a permanent place not only at work, but also in the free time of many. The popular luxury food is also often distorted in company, accompanies hours of conversations between friends in cafés, on the couch at home or an extensive Sunday brunch with the family. However, coffee beans have long since ceased to be preferred here, soluble coffee has become an indispensable part of the market and guarantees great enjoyment - at home, in the office, in the café around the corner or to go.

Bulletproof Coffee - the caffeinated power kick

Do you follow a ketogenic diet and want to start the day with a healthy portion of fat in the morning? Then WakeUp is your ideal companion to start the day. Soluble coffee of the highest quality added with MCT oil, which is obtained from coconuts, and butter. The MCT oil it contains can be metabolized particularly well and converted into ketone bodies. The ketone bodies provide your brain with plenty of energy and have no influence on the blood sugar level, which means that a drop in performance is excluded. WakeUp provides you with power for the whole day in the shortest possible time! And by the way, as with all KetoUp products, the enjoyment factor is of course not neglected. Enjoyable, rich in fat, full of energy and therefore perfect for starting the day or in between!

WakeUp - and it goes up!


Sales name: Soluble coffee with coconut MCT oil

Note on KetoUp: KetoUp means that the products are suitable for the ketogenic diet.

6% deviation (Please note: Since this is a product that is individually manufactured, there may be deviations of up to 6% in weight.

Grocer: KetoUp GmbH, Eysselheideweg 12a, 38518 Gifhorn

Storage: Store at room temperature and protected from light in the original sealed container. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Ingredients & ingredients

Ingredients: Soluble coffee (33% coffee content), MCT (medium-chain fatty acids) from coconut oil, Butter powder, Caffeine anhydrous. May contain traces of soy, celery and mustard.

Contains caffeine (200mg / serving of 25g).

Warning: This product must not be consumed in the event of an allergy (hypersensitivity) to one or more ingredients.

Nutritional information pro 100g pro 25g
Energy 2006 kJ / 487 kcal 501,5 KJ / 121,8 kcal
Fat 49 g 12,3 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 39 g 9,8 g
Carbohydrates 4,2 g 1,1 g
of which sugars 4,0 g 1,0 g
Fibres 5,0 g 1,3 g
protein 4,8 g 1,2 g
salt 0,5 g 0,1 g


* Naturally contains sugar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Petra Garms
Fast energy kick

I mostly drink my coffee at work because it's so quick to make.

Jasmine Canu
Quick coffee

I like the coffee ... especially when it has to be quick or when you feel like having a cup of coffee in the evening

Katy P

I am very excited. Great coffee, highly recommended!

Swetlana Frisians
Super tasty 😋

Sehr lecker


Tastes almost exactly like other instant coffees. You can indulge yourself!