Xucker nut nougat cream with erythritol 300g (€ 3,33 / 100g)

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The Xucker nut nougat cream


You can't get more nuts

The nut and nougat cream from Xucker is an absolutely nutty pleasure. It consists of 33% freshly ground hazelnuts and these are incredibly digestible. Hazelnuts have the advantage that they have a very high fat content. This makes them extremely suitable for a ketogenic diet. Their high vitamin E content is also impressive.

First class ingredients

The cream consists mainly of delicious, high-quality hazelnuts. This creamy spread is absolutely free of palm oil, genetically modified, vegan and low in sugar. The ingredients are not refined or hardened, so it is possible that some hazelnut oil will settle on the top of the glass. Simply stir again and indulge in the nut nougat cream dream!

Enjoyment without regrets

You can enjoy this nut nougat cream to the full even on a diet. The delicious nut nougat cream contains erythritol. On 100g she has just 32g of carbohydrates, of which only 2g consist of sugar. Every breakfast becomes a real culinary delight.


Country of origin: Italy

Grocer: Xucker GmbH, Bessemerstr. 80, DE-12103 Berlin

Ingredients & ingredients

Ingredients: hazelnuts (33%), vegetable fats and oils in variable proportions (cocoa butter, sunflower oil), sweeteners: erythritol (30%); Cocoa slightly de-oiled.

May be traces of others nuts, gluten, Ei, Soybean and milk included.

Nutritional information: All nutritional values ​​are per 100g
kilojoules 2218 kj
Calories 538 kcal
Fat 55 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 9,2 g
Carbohydrates 32 g
of which sugars* 2 g
of which polyhydric alcohols / polyols 30 g
usable carbohydrates 2 g
protein 6,9 g
salt 0,16 g

* naturally contains sugar

You can find the values ​​of the calculation for the usable carbohydrates  here.

Customer Reviews

Based on reviews 46
I don't like Nutella ....

.... that's probably why I like this nut nougat cream :) yes, I think it's great. Nutty, chocolaty, tenderly melting and deliciously greasy;)

Good alternative to Nutella

Tastes like nuts, but also a lot like fat. I like it.

Is addicting

Super tasty, great taste.
Just right if you are in the mood for something sweet.

Tastes very greasy!

Unfortunately, we don't like this nut nougat cream at all. You can tell that there is a lot of fat in it. Tastes like chocolate flavored fat!

Sehr lecker

better than expected, very nice and creamy
It really tastes like nougat.